Move Channels between Teams

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Good day, I am sure this has been asked before but I can not find anything on the web or Forum.


I have Channels that I want to move to another team. Eg. Team Name: Tender

Channel name in this team: ABC Pty

Other team: RFQ


I want to move the complete Channel ABC Pty from Tenders to RFQ?


How do i do this?



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Rob is correct!
Perfect Thank you so much for the fast response.

have a great day

Hello all!

Any updates on this enhancement?

The status is the same! No new updates! The person who was updating it has also left the company, but I hope someone picks that up l! The feature is in the works still I hope

@adam deltinger 

Hope they do as this is such a no brainer, as the channel expands 50% of the time you want to create a team for that channel, and you can't move anything other than the files. disappointing.

@HerculesConsen I really love to see this feature as well!!!

@Rob Ellis , @HerculesConsen this should be a basic function of an application like this, any update?

Nothing new on the uservoice, no.
Any further updates on the progress of this functionality?
No further info AFAIK