Guest Access Troubleshooting Guide

David Rosenthal

The always helpful and awesome @Tushar Pathak from the Microsoft Teams support team has put together a handy Guest Access Troubleshooting Guide with some of the most common Guest Access issues and solutions they see internally. All credit to him on this - I'm just the messenger on this one!


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While this is a good guidance the - main problem I see for the moment - and being a victim of it is who is the problem owner ?

User A is a Teams User in Tenant A.

User B is a Teams User in Tenant B.

User B invite User A as a Guest in Tenant B.

User A Gets the invite and is in the Guest Loop Switching Tenant.

User A Opens a calls with helpdesk A of Tenant A. - According to helpdesk A all is ok

User A Contacts User B. User B is soooo lost …


This is so boring … LOL

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