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Raj Madugula
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Hi, I don't know where to report this, so I'll start here. I noticed that Teams is an Electron App.  Kudos to you at Microsoft to branch out that way and I hope it is working out for you guys.  But how do I know it is an Electron App?  You've customized everything but the Electron Helper, which came up and asked me for permissions or something recently.


The Electron Project posts here (https://electron.atom.io/docs/tutorial/application-distribution/) 

about how to brand Electron Helper so that it doesn't show in the Activity Monitor (mac) and other strange things won't confuse users like it did me initially (what apps am I running that are Electron? Oh? Teams?) . I further verified by examining the application bundle and sure enough, it is not custom branded for teams: /Applications/Microsoft\ Teams.app/Contents/Frameworks/Electron\ Helper.app





Hope that helps.  I want to see Teams succeed, and making this change is an important step in not confusing your end users.


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Agreed! We have educated our us enough to check with us anytime something new/abnormal pops-up. I got a ton of those on this and took forever to figure out what the heck it was. A little heads up would have been great!

Hi Raj and Chad,

Please post this suggestion on UserVoice here: https://aka.ms/microsoftteamsplatformsuggestions


Thanks for helping us improve Teams!


Hello Sheri,

If suggestion is valid, why didn't you transfer it directly ?

Electron Helper still pops up asking for access to confidential data and it is indeed confusing.

Is this authorization required for Teams to perform normally ? Or may it be skipped (on Mac) ?

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