We've Been Listening—Updates to Your Yammer Notifications
Published Jun 08 2017 11:48 AM 25.8K Views

Based on ongoing research, we’re excited to announce some changes to Yammer group notifications that will help users stay on top of their groups, get timely answers to questions, and discover more interesting content across the network. 

Stay current on your Yammer conversations
We've been getting feedback that people are not getting answers to their questions in a timely manner.  We've recognized this is partially due to the week-long lag before some members get notified of conversations in their Yammer groups. The result is that we are moving away from the old, weekly digest of group content. Beginning in July, the weekly digest will be no longer be an option, as we migrate users to the daily digest which will have more fresh content. For further questions, please refer to the FAQ below. 

Discover more across your network
In addition to helping users get more timely answers to their questions on Yammer, we've also heard that people want to be able to discover what's going on across their organization. To support this, we’ve recently launched a new weekly email that captures trending content from across the entire organization, separate from the conversations already happening in your Yammer groups. We're excited to continue investing here and would love to hear from you.  If you're interested in providing specific feedback on the new weekly discovery email, please let us know here.

Reducing complexity from old features
Lastly, in taking a look at the user data, we've seen increasingly little usage in the "Email Me" feature and decided to make some changes. During the test phase, we found that there were some users that used this feature to access the thread later. In response to that use case, we added the option to copy the thread URL from the overflow menu. This feature has already seen significantly more usage than Email Me, which we now plan to remove. The result of this analysis is that we’ve delivered a new feature "Copy to Clipboard" that solves a deep user need and eliminated a feature that was not used that much.

Thanks from your PM Team
Thank you all for your ongoing feedback throughout our development process. Please continue to engage with us on UserVoice or through the tech community here. We listen to your suggestions and seek to understand patterns in your needs.  After hearing your suggestions, we engage in tests and take a data-based approach at making changes whether that is removing an old feature or delivering a new one. 

Care to share your thoughts about your Yammer experience generally?  Our design research team is always looking for research participants!  If you're interested in participating, please sign up here



FAQ for Weekly Digest Deprecation:

Q: What does this mean for your users who have previously signed up for Weekly Digest?
A: If they were subscribed to a weekly digest of content from their groups, they’ll see a banner in that email letting them know that we’ll soon be migrating them to the daily digest and deprecating that weekly email. 

Q: What if I've selected the Never option?
A: There will be no change for anyone who has set their digest setting to “Never.” They will not get any digest from content to their groups.

Q: What if I don't want a daily digest of my group content?
A: We’ll only send you a digest when there’s new or updated conversations in your group that you haven’t seen from the previous work day. Of course, you can always update your settings to stop receiving this digest.

Q: What about this weekly email with conversations from groups I'm not in?
A: That's the new weekly Discovery email, not your groups digest. If you want to unsubscribe from that, go to your settings page and uncheck the box "here are interesting threads I've missed (weekly)"

Q: I need more notifications for my groups. Is there a real-time option?
A: You can always subscribe to a group via email from either the group page or the notification settings page. Additionally, we’re building this feature for mobile push notifications as well. If you would like more information or would like to provide feedback for this feature, please let us know here.


Written by Sharon Lin and Anna Marie Clifton

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