Workplace Analytics insight: If You Multitask During Meetings, Your Team Will, Too

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It’s no secret that managers serve as role models for their teams, but the impact of manager behavior extends further than most companies acknowledge; according to a recent Gallup study, managers are responsible for 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores.1


Microsoft Workplace Analytics gives businesses the ability to pinpoint the managerial behaviors that impact team performance. As explained in this Harvard Business Review article, authored by Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics GM Ryan Fuller, managers that frequently send emails during meetings are 2.2 times more likely to have direct reports who also multitask in meetings.





Many managers complain that multitasking in meetings is necessary given their busy schedules – but as the chart above shows, managers tend to multitask the same amount regardless of how many hours they spend in meetings each week. 


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Check your own multitasking habits with MyAnalytics


While Workplace Analytics provides insights into how your company gets work done, MyAnalytics provides insights into how you personally spend time at work, and gives you tips on how to work smarter (by the way, nobody but you can see your personal MyAnalytics insights).


Your personal dashboard includes a summary of habits that might make your meetings less effective, like holding them after-hours or multitasking in them; you can even pinpoint the specific meetings in which you tend to multitask. Managers should pay close attention to these habits given that team members are likely to repeat the same counterproductive behaviors.


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