Will non-security patches only appear in the non-security update?

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Another source of confusion... You say


... we will routinely offer one (or sometimes more than one) additional update each month. These additional cumulative updates will contain only new non-security updates, so they will be considered “Updates” in WSUS and Configuration Manager


and the graph accompanying the article makes it clear that these new non-security cumulative updates will not include security patches. That's all well and good, unless there's an out-of-band security emergency.


But the converse situation wasn't addressed. In particular, do you anticipate relasing any new non-security patches as part of the Patch Tuesday releases?


In other words, can we rely on having only security patches on Patch Tuesday, and non-security patches through the rest of the month? 


Of course, if there's an emergency security hotfix, that blows a hole in all of this, but that's always been the case.


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Generally, non-security fixes would be added to the non-security updates, not directly in the Patch Tuesday updates.  There are occasionally exceptions to that, e.g. more critical non-security updates.