LBFO Teaming deprecation on Hyper-V for Windows Server 2022 - Solved

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While creating a virtual switch using a teamed interface in Hyper-V for Windows Server 2022, the following error is encountered. To resolve this, NIC teaming for Hyper-V needs to be configured via PowerShell.

Step 1: Delete the existing teaming manually created.

Step 2: Go to PowerShell and run the command: 


New-VMSwitch -Name "VMSwitch-1" -NetAdapterName "Embedded NIC 1","Embedded NIC 2"


(Here, I have given the switch name 'VMSwitch-1' and aggregated it with two adapters—'Embedded NIC 1' and 'Embedded NIC 2' are the adapter names in the list.)

Step 3: Check the algorithm of the VMSwitch command:


Get-VMSwitchTeam -Name "VMSwitch-1" | FL


(This command will display the algorithm. If it's Hyper-V, proceed to the next step; otherwise, you can ignore the last step.)

Step 4: Set the load balancing algorithm to dynamic:


Set-VMSwitchTeam -Name "VMSwitch-1" -LoadBalancingAlgorithm Dynamic


(This command changes the load balancing algorithm to dynamic. Test it using the command in step 3. The teamed interface should now appear in the Hyper-V virtual switch.)


This will not help to LACP mode , so If you want LACP, Then only need to do the two step

This is my recommend

Step 1:

First, create the Teaming of your network cards using the Server Manager, in my case the teaming will be with LACP mode and Dynamic load balancing mode.

Step 2: 

Then execute the below PowerShell Command to create the virtual switch based on the teaming created .


New-VMSwitch -Name "VMSWITCH-1" -NetAdapterName "SR-LAG-1" -AllowNetLbfoTeams $true -AllowManagementOS $true

this case name of my hyperv switch given "VMSWITCH-1" and created teaming network adapter name ""SR-LAG-1""


Go to hyper-v and check the VMSwitch 

That's It.....


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Hi, I also use the same workaround to create VSwitch from NIC Teaming, but after month without problem I experience this:

Hyper-V in Windows Server 2022 environment, we have more than one teaming but only 1 teaming NIC server as a Virtual Switch (VSwitch). Upon network disconnection and reconnection other teaming is normal, but teaming with VSwitch is issue with Fault LACP:

We have to do remove and add again NIC Team member to resolve the Fault LACP error.
Other Server with Windows Server 2016 and 2012 R2 is normal also, is there a bug in Windows Server 2022? Anyone experience this?

full link


Thank you for your Information ....
Myself, I haven't encountered the issue. It may have been resolved in recent Windows updates. If you are facing the issue, please provide the Windows edition and version. Also, check the last updated KB number. If the issue was resolved after a Windows update, please provide the specific KB number of that update.