Y Soft integrates with Microsoft 365 to deliver true cloud printing with Universal Print
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With Microsoft’s introduction of Universal Print, organizations can use the cloud to manage their business more efficiently. It’s no coincidence, that this aligns with Y Soft’s mission: "Build Smart Business." We help companies focus on their core competencies by providing versatile print management and document capture solutions that minimize IT costs and increase user productivity.

We are excited to take this one step further by seamlessly integrating Universal Print into our versatile YSoft SAFEQ solution family. Versatility is key as businesses need to get the best possible value by adopting Universal Print as part of Microsoft 365, while protecting existing investments.  


Cloud transitions need versatility

Cloud transition has many facets. There are client operating systems to support, for example Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OS and we support them all. Then there is your print management, deployed on-premises or in cloud. You may need to move printing to a public cloud altogether…or partially. There is no single right way. Your needs are the determining factor. To ensure reliable, available, and convenient service, you need options. Do you want to mix print between MacOS clients and Universal Print in the Cloud? With the YSoft SAFEQ Cloud™ family of services or the YSoft SAFEQÒ family of on-premises products, we can deliver seamless transition. In fact, we guarantee it. Thanks to our Platform for Growth patented (U.S. Patent #9,030,688) technology, Zero Trust security and now Universal Print integration.

We are excited to fuel cloud transitions and have been delivering them to our customers. Yet there is more. SAFEQ Cloud is here to support your digital transformation journey, but we have something new! Y Soft is unveiling a new product family – the YSoft OMNI Series. With it, we bring the versatility you need to take advantage of Universal Print with your existing printers, even without a Print Management solution. OMNI Series offers YSoft OMNI Bridge™, a true, secure, serverless edge device (not just “a server in disguise”) and YSoft OMNI Apps™, of which YSoft OMNI UP365™, is the first app that provides Universal Print connectivity. This serverless solution is engineered and manufactured by Y Soft, and we are hard at work to deliver it alongside Microsoft’s general availability of Universal Print.

We are thrilled about our cooperation with Microsoft. With our Universal Print connector technology, we enable not only our solutions, but your existing printers through our OMNI Series. With active-active load balancing, failover and support for Cloud and managed Edge deployments, you can migrate your existing fleet to Universal Print today. No waiting, no on-premise connectors, no servers -- you can start your digital transformation now, securely, and cost effectively. Let’s talk.

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