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MSIX Packaging Extension is now available in the Azure DevOps Marketplace!
Published Jan 06 2021 09:51 AM 4,241 Views

The MSIX Packaging Extension is an Azure DevOps extension which helps build, package and sign Windows apps using the MSIX package format.

CI/CD workflows have become an integral part of the development process to improve efficiency and quality while reducing cost and time to market. Microsoft's CI/CD solution Azure DevOps Pipelines is widely adopted and popular, but the current process of integrating build and deployment workflows for apps that need to be packaged as MSIX into Azure Pipelines is tedious, specifically for people that are not Azure Pipelines or MSIX experts. The new Azure DevOps extension offers a straightforward, intuitive and UI based solution making it easier to automate build and deployment process for apps being packaged as MSIX, and also for apps with existing CI/CD workflows to move to MSIX without disrupting their build and deployment mechanisms.


To learn more about using MSIX with CI/CD pipelines, check out our documentation. Head to the Azure DevOps Marketplace to grab the extension.


Check it out and let us know what you think!


John Vintzel (@jvintzel), PM Lead, MSIX


Thanks to Sahibi Miranshah for the post!


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