Windows Defender Application Guard inside Windows Security App


Windows Defender Application Guard is designed to prevent attacks on local machines and from expanding malicious activity throughout a corporate network. 


If you are interested in learning more about Application Guard and how to install it in standalone mode, please see our previous blog


In the upcoming Windows release (Build 17691+), we have built an interface to configure Windows Defender Application Guard inside the Windows Security app. This allows users to configure Application Guard or check the administrator’s configuration of Application Guard at the same place as other Windows security features.


The four settings that can be configured for Application Guard in the Windows Security app are:

  • Save data
  • Copy and paste
  • Print files
  • Advanced graphics

Standalone users with devices that meet the minimum requirements will see Application Guard in the Browser & apps control section in Windows Security. From there, users can invoke the installation of this feature and configure its settings. When devices fall below the minimum spec, users will be alerted of this in the configuration page for Application Guard. 


Managed users can see how their administrators have configured their settings to have a better understanding of how they can operate between an Application Guard container and their host system.


Here’s how users can configure or check their Application Guard status:


Install and configure

  1. Go to the Windows Security app and select “App & browser control.” A1.png


  1. Select “Install Windows Defender Application Guard” under Isolated Browsing.A2.png


  1. Check the “Windows Defender Application Guard” box and Install from the Turn Windows features on or off screen and click OK.A3.png


  1. Restart your device.A4.png


  1. Return to the Windows Security app and select “App & browser control.”A5.png


  1. Select “Change Application Guard settings” to configure the settings.A6.png


View managed Application Guard settings

  1. Go to the Windows Security app and select “App & browser control.”B1.png


  1. Select “Change Application Guard settings” to view the settings.B2.png


  1. Review the configurations set by your administrator.B3.png


We encourage Windows Insiders to use the Windows Security app to configure and view Application Guard settings. Your feedback, suggestions, and telemetry will help us to improve Application Guard’s user experience.


Feedback Hub link: Launch Windows Feedback for Microsoft Edge\Application Guard

3 Replies

I am glad for the progress that is being made with WDAG specific to Microsoft Edge, however, is there any information regarding potential support for other applications?

The "Application Guard settings" page is VERY Confusing. To any neophyte I have talked with about this page'sdefault settings is akin to saying "Yes" or "No" to a negative question.


In my opinion there should be a better description on the page of what is being done and the default "You are being protected" should be "Yes" rather than "No" meaning "You are being protected". Neophytes tend to feel that "Yes" is enabling protection not disabling it.

Will the Application Guard settings be available even in Windows 10 Pro?