Windows AutoPilot: An introduction

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If you haven't checked it out yet, Windows AutoPilot enables you to set up and pre-configure new Windows 10 devices for your organization, right out of the box, without imaging, with no infrastructure to manage. It can also be used to easily reset, repurpose and recover existing devices. The best part? Your users can go through the process independently, without making any decisions and without needing to involve IT.


Want to learn more? Read Modernizing Windows deployment with Windows AutoPilot, watch the short technical walkthrough below, and register for the webcast and live Q&A on Thursday, July 27th.



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What if a company builds their own computers. Would we still be able to take advantage of this service?

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At this moment we image our devices "by hand". Intune in place and everything else working fine. The problem we face are the Major updates. Like Anniversary and Creators. We have to apply them by hand (admin) or create a new image. Using Autopilot and it new tools, users can update their devices themself? Meaning, like a normal update? Pushed from Intune?


Thanks, Mike

Existing Windows 10 installations can be updated with the latest Windows 10 feature updates using Windows Update for Business; Windows Intune is used to configure the Windows Update for Business policies to specify when these feature updates should be installed (e.g. defer for six months, then install automatically).  So yes, in this way the process works just like monthly cumulative updates.

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As far as I am aware, this proces workt for Win 10 Pro but not for enterprise versions.

Windows Update for Business is a free service that is available for Windows Pro, Enterprise, Pro Education, and Education.

When I buy a Win 10 device is has to have Win10 Pro on it to use Autopilot?

So when my user buys a Surface laptop (Windows 10 s), I first have to update it, by hand, to Windows10 Pro before I can use Autopilot?


In the end I want to have this device to be Windows10 enterprise (E5). What be be the best approach in this case?


Thanks, Mike

 If the WIndows device is purchased with Windows 10 pro (1703 and above) you have the device hardware ID (From OEM or script) you can switch the version of Windows 10 to enterprise (Of course having the correct licenses)


From MS blog post


SourceURL: Modernizing Windows deployment with Windows AutoPilot –


Windows for IT Pros

Some of the benefits of Windows AutoPilot are:

  • Intune can push policies, settings, and configuration to the device, and install Office 365 and other apps without IT ever having to touch the device or apply a custom image to the device.
  • Intune can configure Windows Update for Business to apply the latest updates.
  • The device can automatically upgrade from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise seamlessly using AAD–no product keys to manage, no reboots, no prompts for the user.***


Yes you can on-board you own devices (1703 and above) using the hardware ID script.  Found


Use you favourite (SCCM) device management tool to run the script to create the required csv file. (or do it manually). Import and away you go.



I have seen this in a demo at ignite with some further enhancements.  However I do not see the autopilot in my intune trial,  I still need to do this within store for business.  I would like to show my security and mangment teams how we can use this to create standard users.  Is there a time line until this will be updated or can I have my test tennant updated asap. 

Hi Anthony,


Autopilot is not part of intune..pheww.    Instead you will find it in the Business store for windows:


This is my own real world video on it..I hope this answer your question.



I'd also like to know when the Autopilot deployment program options will show up in the Intune portal as shown in Sidd's Ignite presentation. He mentioned it was in Public Preview yet I can't find details of the preview program? To clarify, I'm talking about the additional two options that appear under 'Device Enrollment > Windows Enrollment' within the Intune blade.

do you mean the abilty to turn of Windows hello on AdJoin?

No, I mean the Autopilot options appearing inside of Intune. Sidd mentions this in the Ignite video here at 21:45Capture.PNG


Hi Steve,


I have been on a call with the autopilot team on another issue.  The advised me that the options have been deployed.   However it is a 'when you tenant' revices the update kinda gig.   FYI the Intune management extenstions should shart appearing as a preview option from the end of October.   So running PS scripts through Intune will be possible.  In both USER and Sytem contexts. 

Ah ok, thanks for the info, I'll keep watching from end of October. The options have not yet appeared.

This has started to be rolled out: