WVD One to One and pools

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Can restrictions be placed on WVD to enable users to allows be directed to a specific VM.


I thought this would be possible with a new pool but this does not seem to be a feature. 


I was hoping for multiple pools which can be split into VM sizes, installed applications and locations... etc

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@ca-manc This is coming as a feature. Its a common ask. Right now there can be 1:1 but the mapping is done by the brokering. For example, user 1 comes in gets vm2, user 2 comes in gets vm3, etc. We cannot specify that user 1 must get vm1. However there can be 1 VM per host pool and just 1 user assigned to it..

@Stefan Georgiev  Do I created multiple hostpools using:

New-RdsHostPool -TenantName <tenantname> -Name <hostpoolname>


Then add a single VM to each hostpool??



yes. that is correct