WPF Support in WinPE for ADK 1809

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Are there any updates to the WPF support (or bug?) in WinPE in ADK 1809?


Many organizations out there using large OSD environments leverage WPF within WinPE. Removing support from ADK 1809 without first deprecating it or making any sort of announcement is a large disservice to your customers. Our organization alone has over 500 hours of development into our OSD FrontEnd and this is a very large roadblock for us. 

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Technically, WPF has never been supported in Windows PE.  See the note at


Due to the limited API set, the following .NET Framework features have no or reduced functionality in Windows PE:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) (not supported)
  • Windows Runtime
  • .NET Framework Fusion APIs
  • Windows Control Library event logging
  • .NET Framework COM Interoperability
  • .NET Framework Cryptography Model

However, we are looking at ways to resolve the issue.  As a workaround, you can use the first image from the boot.wim from the Windows 10 1809 media, where WPF will work.  It's also possible to add back two files that were removed from the Windows PE image, e.g.

Thanks Michael.

It looks like the documentation stating no support was added on March 7th.

This would definitely be a surprise to many OSD folks out there. i would have expected the functionality to be deprecated instead of straight up removed without some good communication and time to allow customers to plan accordingly.

If we want to stay supported, would you recommend trying the fix with the two files or waiting for the official solution from Microsoft?