This is the biggest problem in my life dealing with disturbing auto update from Microsoft

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You need to be in charge of this Microsoft as I never wanted to have my windows updated and always turn the auto update off but it always seemed to muscle itself in on my PC every time I put my pc to sleep.

I left about 100 tabs open and active for serveral months because all those things are my workS that need to be done.
I never shutdown my PC for months, only thing I did is put it to SLEEP.
Once the lastest update started to act up during the sleep of my pc and when my PC restarted


They are not automatically restored as usual as the very past previous updates...

I seriously need help..
All the tabs forcibly closed mean a lot to my life.

Dont cause me to be made redundant Microsoft
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@SUNEATER I'm sorry to have to point this out, man, because I do feel for your situation.  


However, if your job depends on you maintaining 100+ tabs open in your browser, and a PC restart will get you fired, you either need a new job or you are doing something severely wrong.  


A couple of pointers that may or may not help:

* bookmarks.  Use them.

* a password vault.  Find one you like and put it in play.

* monitoring software (like PRTG, Solarwinds, Nagios, etc.).  Get one and put it to use.


I'm not going to ask "why do you need X tabs open 24/7", because it doesn't matter what the answer is.  The design behind the answer is wrong.  Whether it's something you did or something someone else is up to, it's wrong.  


And to try to finger-point at MS because a critical security update required a re-start is wrong.  


The only situation where it might even be remotely sane to prevent updates in the first place is when you have a unique configuration and unique software on the PC that demands the system remain unmodified from its current state (think: specialized lab equipment used to run a drug production line that cannot be modified without regulatory-required validation).

If your system is exposed (and with a browser open to 100+ tabs, I assume it is exposed), regular updates are a best-practice answer.  


If you value your tabs so highly, then use a browser which can open a list of tabs at startup and maintain that list.  Then when you start your browser, it will re-open those tabs.  


Really.  Re-think your strategy here.  Being dependent on a browser open with 100+ tabs?  Not a winning solution.  New job or new plan of execution is needed.  

Regardless of whether the tonnage-of-tabs was a bad idea, the sheer arrogance of ANY operating system that decides it can reboot your system just because it feels like it, or has such a bad case of ADHD that it can't stay in the background where it belongs is not to be tolerated.
You won't catch me defending the choice to reboot a machine without asking the user first. I never programmed mine to do that, before they ever took that code ).

But that aside, you can't defend someone's choice to make their job mission-critical based on maintaining a hundred tabs open on a browser. Regardless of Windows' behavior, one little power hiccup and the guy gets fired. That's irresponsible both to himself and to whatever particular responsibility is in the company.

@SUNEATER sorry for your lost... but Control + Shift + T reopen those tabs


ps: you can disable auto restart from settings or group policy. 

ps2: you can bookmark those tabs

ps3: you can put those tabs to open with browser

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    I will go through all your statements of each paragraph at once

    1. You MUST be aware of the fact that we all human living in the same world but different countries usually have different kind of life circumstances, social managements, policy etc.. in their company, family, or any other aspect of life. your thought is just related to the common stage of your life that you think it's supposed to be like this or that.
    so all the tabs that were reluctantly closed by the funtionality of the system created by one of the world's most powerful and influancial organization must have crucial connections to my company for sure.
    However, despite tge fact that i already turned the auto-update off it still was stubborn and act like a know-it-all system

    What is the point for having the auto update turn off option then? If Microsoft can do anything any time against my PC?

    Do not ask why i dont do this, do that blabla
    I have the right to do anything wity my own PC at my convenience related to my preference

    I used Google Chrome which always restore every previously closed websites when it closed abnormally such as force restart or outage (this is what i already mentioned in the main post)

    And i have the preogative to finger-point at anything i pay my money for but only when im given unpleasant experience from it
    I give good feedback when it does well
    I give bad feedback when it does NOT

    If you are broad-minded enough you may have seen countless number of the same threads as mine posted across the social media and a lot of them are not as kind as me to vent their load in a calm feeling or polite manner like this
    They even tell that this is one of the most commonly ongoing issue that has not been fixed yet even in this year

    Only one reason that can lead me to the point of being made redundant is the fact that they may percieve me as an employee who cant take care of assigned tasks and anything can happen to us human
  • There are several reasons that can be used as a sound reason to fire me. You think is weird to get fired like this because your brain's response naturally refered to only my mentioned words in the post, i only mentioned that i may be made reduntant losing my ongoing tasks so you judge the situation based on that but on the other hand it is nearly impossible to fire an employee due to this reason but if you look back to the real life and consider all possible external factors in the society, losing all these tasks is even more than enough to be used as a reason to make someone redundant. Why that? it is because my country now has to deal with an inconsistant increase in number of Covid case and a lot of company are trying hard to expose a big failure of some employee in order to cut loss by firing them. we call it fault-finding process. They feel bad to fire peoole for no reason so everyone must stay sharp and make fualtless

SO do i have to mess around with COVID topic in Microsoft related website?

Thanks for useful reply but sadly, i would like to tell you that it silently updated on its own while my PC sleep

Of course, this is not a solution, but if you want to be sure that there will be no automatic - restart, just pause the updates for 7 days if you want, you can stop the update for up to 35 days, but then the update must take place.

Check in the optional (advanced) update settings if you have the switch turned on (run as soon as possible to install the update) - disable it! If you disable this update should wait until the administrator installs it.
I think that's really going to be the solution for you.
Best regards
Look, I get it that sometimes everything feels like it happens at once. But what you describe is something that could just as easily have been fielded here ten years ago.

MS Windows Update has had an annoying habit of rebooting the system without warning for over a decade. It also has a sneaky habit of updating when you least expect it.

But there are solutions for that. Just as there are solutions for your browser-window problem. Both I and at least one other poster have given you a couple of examples of what to do so you don't lose your umpteen tabs, even if they get closed.

The update problem, though, you simply can't claim to be surprised by that. I get that it pisses you off. It pisses me off too, sometimes. But let's get real here - it will happen. Critical and security updates often require a reboot, and if a system belonging to an admin gets contaminated because it didn't get the update, that arrow points right back at the custodian of the system.

I'm not claiming you should get fired here. Please don't make that assumption. I am saying that if there's no other way to succeed, you need to start shopping for another job right away. Because what you've posed as a situation can only end with the system auto-restarting some day and you losing all your tabs, and you've said yourself that means you'd get fired. Don't let that happen. Get out and get a different job before it happens. Just the toxic environment you describe is enough, get out of there and go find a job for a company that gives a shit about you. Hell, send me your CV and I'll give it to HR at Accenture, maybe we've got a spot that'd fit you.

But until you do get free from there, do the browser thing with "open tabs on startup" and keep the passwords in a password vault so you'll know what to feed to the tabs when they ask without spending unnecessary time searching. And another option for the re-start bit might be to set up an update server for your active directory domain. Have it pull updates to feed to the organization, and require your approval before they get applied. Then you can know specifically when updates are coming and you can prep for them.