The scary Bluetooth monster is back -- Windows or Intel or Logitech -- [Partly SOLVED]

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I have no clue what that is, but let me explain. In fact the background story is, that CPU was just switched (old vs. new). Nevertheless, it is not clear what that should have to do with a sudden(!) issue of the BT-device, i.e., the mouse point becomes sporadically stuck (freezes, stutter). Sometimes several times per minute or not for 10 minutes, etc.


Now comes the sour part: It can ONLY be released/reset, if entering Windows/Settings/Bluetooth menu; THEN, the mouse pointer is finally moving (released) again.


What in the name of bits and bytes? Why does this even need to happen?

Just to compare: This event did not happen in the last ~6 months. Then, a new CPU is added, and it kicks in again. Right, the CPU is a tiny radio, but the one before was too.


Resolutions? Tough.

The first thing I'll do - and recommend to everyone - switch off the energy saving things for USB devices. Second, I will check for Intel driver updates, but, again, this should not happen in first place: It was a problem I experienced also before, non-related to the CPU swap. The mouse pointer got suck. No interference, no radar systems here, and clear sight.


Appendix 1: Screenshot: I do not trust power saving for USB devices. What is the real benefit here, mouse lasts for two more weeks based on unknown use characteristics? I removed again ~5 switches (switched off); 


Appendix 2: I confirm again, this bug is with Windows. Successful latest Intel drivers etc. Mouse everything fine (same as before), but the freeze will instantly be unlocked once the Settings menu is entered. I would record a video, but I am not good at making videos.


Appendix 3: I reported to Logitech; Their list of firmware/software release is here.


Update 2024-02-20: Device drivers completely failed yesterday. BT was dead. I noticed, that mini USB-dongle by Logitech was conntected to keyboard -- however no device is currently connected to it. The dongle has its own RF standards, no BT -- it is a spare device in my case. Nevertheless, there was interference on hw/sw level. The situation is monitored; If the dongle is making problems (mouse freeze when connected - but no mouse connected to it), I will report to Logitech.


Update 2024-02-29: The problem has not re-surfaced since the Logitech USB dongle was removed from keyboard  USB port. This is odd; at same time very difficult to report: three devices involved, unique fabrication numbers, etc. -- but it is Windows that produces the "stutter", not the hardware. Moved to [Partly SOLVED] for now.


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