Onedrive issues on Windows 11

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I have updated my windows to 11 (build 22000.132) and I am experiencing an issue on OneDrive. When I open the file explorer and click on the OneDrive folders, it takes long time to open my folders and sometimes it even freezes. Every time I click on the folder, it appears to be loading (as the mouse cursor would become a little small blue circle). Even tough I keep my folders and files on my local drive, the issue still persists. The folder loading behavior is normal on other non-OneDrive related folders in my local drives. 


I experienced similar issues on my NAS-related folders and I suspect this issues would exist in network drives. 

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I had the same problem but seems to be resolved in latest build 22000.160. If you still experience on this this build (avail in Beta and Dev) then log it, if you haven't on the feedback hub.

Thanks for your information. The issue was resolved after I tried a clean install.@RobQ_MVP 

I'm still having this issue, it started today after an update. It takes around 1 minute every time I click in any file that is in a One Drive folder. I'm in version 22000.1 and when I check for updates it says I'm up to date.

Same problem here, on two separate computers. One on 22000.178, the other on dev build 22449

I have this still on 22000.178 but not on Dev build 22449.. New build coming today so will check again...

I'm on 22000.184 and still having this issue. I'm starting to freak out as I'm unable to work properly.

Did you do a clean install of Windows or onedrive?

Same here on an update install and then a factory reset with reinstallation of Windows 11 without keep the personal files and apps. Build 22000.184

Really hard to work with OneDrive in these conditions. I'm sad and consider coming back to Windows 10 until a real fix is available.



I was able to solve it by a reset without keeping files. It was sad I had to g through that to solve it.
I'm experiencing this too. Upgrade from 21H1. I don't want to clean install and set it up from scratch.

I'm on 2200.194. Have tried "sfc /scannow", "DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth".

Procmon spams a lot of entries when arrow down in a list of folders that is inside OneDrive, generated by explorer.exe.

Hope it get's fixed soon. Will tell if I find a fix that does not involve reinstall.

Had the same exact issue immediately after upgrading to Windows 11 today. I've actually uninstalled the existing OneDrive app (Control Panel> Programs and Features) then downloaded and installed the version available here:
The issue seems resolved for now. Not the smoothest experience imo, but much better than what it was

@Matthew888 i have the same problem, my Build is 22000.194 and when I use ondrive my explorer takes about 1 minute between click and still freeze sometimes. 

@Matthew888 I have the same issue, a clean install on a Windows Surface 2 Laptop.

SOLVED for me: Press F11 to enter File Explorer full-screen, which disables the new-style File Explorer menu bar. Navigation gets a lot snappier.


Why does this happen? Something something about OneDrive and/or the new File Explorer menu bar.


My computer: Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, Windows 11. 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX3050. OneDrive running.


Hat tip: This thread:

It's terrible that this still is a thing in the public release of Windows 11.

If my folder is called "Documents" and I type the keys d-o-c to jump to this folder, it takes forever until it goes there (because with every letter, it jumps to the first folder matching the pattern, and then takes at least a second to load.
This doesnt fix it for me, its still laggy
have the same problem... and the problem persists even after i rollback to windows 10. I have even downloaded all the contents in the folder onto the PC, but still no luck.
I am testing W11 before my company will move into it and the issue with OneDrive is annoying. None of the solutions here solving it.

The annoyed think is, if you click on anything on one drive your cursor skiping for like 30 seconds between coursor and spinning wheel (for like 1sec in between). Not possible to work like that.
It helped for me! Thank you!