External monitor doesn't turn on after suspension

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I'm facing an issue with my external monitor. Once it goes into sleep, it doesn't return. It is necessary to disconnect and reconnect it for the HDMI signal to be sent again.

I spent more than a month in contact with Dell Premium Plus support, and the conclusion is that the problem is related to Windows. Among the procedures we tried:

Update Intel and Nvidia Video Drivers
Update Thunderbolt Driver
Change power settings (S0, S3 etc)
Replacement of monitor and external HUB
Direct connection of the monitor to the laptop
After none of the tests worked, I tried it on Ubuntu with the same equipment. It worked as expected.

Then I noticed a peculiar issue, two distinct scenarios where one works and the other doesn't:

Same video and notebook sleep time - Works
Video sleep time shorter than notebook
Before notebook suspend - It works
After notebook suspend - Does not work
That is, apparently, after Windows suspends the video, and in the future, suspends the notebook, when returning it does not reactivate the HDMI output. As if he "remembered" that when he suspended the monitor was off, not in sleep.

Can anyone help me on this issue? Or even is an update possible to fix this behavior?

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