Viva Sales at Teleperformance
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How is Teleperformance adopting Viva Sales with agility to empower their sales teams? 


As a product manager focusing on bringing new products to market, I love working with customers like Teleperformance, who trial, adopt, and extend Microsoft's innovations.


When Microsoft announced its vision to supercharge seller productivity with Viva Sales in June 2022, the Teleperformance Sales strategy team was already trying out Viva Sales private preview and pushing us to bring additional features like Salesforce® CRM connectivity into our next preview release. Viva Sales is an AI-powered sales productivity application that allows sellers to work faster with greater focus freeing them up to spend more time on what they love to do.


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Productivity is top-of-mind for Teleperformance leadership as the company's five hundred sellers serve 90% of Fortune 500 customers globally. When William Fritcher, Vice President of Account Management, and Ayn Owens, Vice President of Sales Operations, saw the first Viva sales demo, they wanted to try it out immediately. "Viva Sales can make our sellers more productive. Today our sellers look at Outlook and Salesforce screens on their monitor, and it frustrates them to enter data manually from one application into another," said Ayn Owens.  Before Viva Sales, the Teleperformance team had investigated existing solutions in the market, but they did not meet their needs. Therefore, the salespeople at Teleperformance manually entered emails and meetings from Outlook and Teams into their Salesforce CRM, wasting valuable time on double data entry – initially when setting up an appointment or replying to a customer email and again when tracking this customer engagement data into their CRM. William Fritcher and Ayn Owens quickly brought Eliana Negrisoli, Global Salesforce administrator, and Jeff Koehler, Vice President of Enterprise Technologies, into discussions with us on enabling Viva Sales preview for them.


Enabling Viva Sales is easy and fast. Jeff Koehler had Viva Sales up and running in production at Teleperformance within hours of us sharing instructions on enabling this app! "Teleperformance believes in being agile and does not want to be weighed down by analysis paralysis. While we are cautious of trying out any recent technology, we trust Microsoft products and prefer to try them quickly," said Jeff Koehler.


Our customers, like Teleperformance, are critical as we use their design feedback and feature suggestions to constantly refine our roadmap, eventually benefiting our entire customer base. One of the key needs expressed by the Teleperformance team was the ability to view and update custom fields and entities from Viva Sales. Their CRM implementation, like most businesses, uses custom fields as required by their business processes. For example, when creating a new contact, the Salesforce CRM implementation for Teleperformance uses custom address fields, such as the city and county, that are missing from standard Salesforce CRM forms. To enable and support the business processes of Teleperformance and our other customers, Viva Sales added support for custom fields in January. Furthermore, customer feedback informs our product documentation, self-help guides, and business adoption templates. "Microsoft has been agile and responsive to our business needs," said Eliana Negrisoli, who is leading Viva Sales adoption at Teleperformance


Fifty sellers at Teleperformance are using Viva Sales today, and early user feedback has been positive. They are incredibly impressed with Viva Sales' conversation intelligence and the newly released Copilot functionality that suggests customer email responses to sellers. The Teleperformance leadership team believes adopting AI is vital to staying ahead in their industry. "We want to be the first in the industry to adopt new AI technologies. Innovation and speed are in our DNA," said Jeff Koehler.


Viva Sales is available for M365 customers who use Dynamics 365 or Salesforce CRM. 


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Viva Sales Copilot assists a seller in responding to a customer.


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