Announcing employee learning API for Viva Learning
Published Jul 19 2022 09:00 AM 18.8K Views

The employee learning API in Microsoft Graph is now available in public preview. With this API, customers can discover content from any Learning Management System (LMS) or learning provider in Viva Learning. This aligns with our vision to make Viva Learning a fully extensible learning platform, bringing all your learning investments and tools into the flow of work through a single solution.


LMS or learning providers can use the API to display courses on Viva Learning, just like any of our pre-integrated learning partners (SAP SuccessFactors, Skillsoft, Coursera, etc.). Employees can send a course from the LMS or provider in a Microsoft Teams chat message, add it to a Teams learning tab, search for the course in the Viva Learning Home view, recommend the course to a colleague, and much more.  Actual consumption of the course occurs in the source platform; so, when a user clicks a course in Viva Learning to watch it, it will launch the course in the LMS/provider platform. Consumption records will be recorded there if available.



As part of the public preview, partners and providers can now start building scenarios with these APIs. We’ve published instructions in the documentation pages on how to use the employee learning API to make content from your LMS or learning provider available in Viva Learning. We will continue to monitor feedback and iterate on the API to improve the experience before announcing them as generally available.


Following the API release for content integration, we are also building the capability to integrate learner records from connected LMS's. This will sync learning assignments and completed course records into Viva Learning, where employees will be able to view and access their assignments and recently completed courses in Viva Learning. The learner record integration will go into preview later this year.  


You can learn more about the employee learning APIs and how they work in the on-demand Inspire session. In the session, we also talked with two of our partners who were involved in the API private preview program – Joe Farrell, Managing Director at KPMG, and Flemming Goldbach, Chief Product Officer at LMS365.


“Our whole vision around bringing learning to the workflow is shared with Microsoft, and the APIs deliver or accelerate that vision to our clients… giving that single entry point into the learning ecosystem in the flow of work for the learner.”

- Joe Farrell, Managing Director, Advisory Learning Strategy and Digital Transformation, KPMG


“Viva Learning makes [our learning platform] more broadly available. We believe that Viva Learning, with integrations to LMS365 and other learning management systems, will help push the continuous learning movement in organizations.”

- Flemming Goldbach, Chief Product Officer, LMS365


KPMG and LMS365 have successfully used the employee learning API to connect their LMS's to Viva Learning. Check out the session recording to hear directly from them about their experiences with the APIs and what they’re looking forward to now that the connections are available.


Screenshots of partner interviews from Inspire sessionScreenshots of partner interviews from Inspire session

Watch the Inspire session recording here.


Ready to start connecting your learning sources to Viva Learning? Follow the instructions at to start using the API.


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