Personal productivity and wellbeing - what's next with Microsoft Viva Insights
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Last month we introduced Microsoft Viva, the new employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights seamlessly into the Microsoft 365 apps that you use every day, empowering people and teams to be their best from wherever they work. Today we’re excited to highlight updates coming soon to key personal productivity and wellbeing experiences that are part of this platform: the Microsoft Viva Insights app, your daily briefing email, and MyAnalytics.


Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams

Viva Insights gives individuals, managers, and leaders personalized insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in an organization thrive. It brings new personal wellbeing experiences and data-driven, privacy-protected insights from MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics into the flow of people’s work in Teams.

Starting April 2021, the virtual commute experience unveiled at Microsoft Ignite 2020 will begin rolling out as part of the Viva Insights app to help you mindfully wrap up your workdays. To get started, from the Protect time tab, select which days and times you’d like to receive reminders to leave work. Near the end of your workday, the virtual commute will guide you to close out tasks to free up valuable mental space, preview what’s planned for tomorrow, and reflect on how you felt about the day.

Set reminders to start your virtual commute at the end of your workdays.pngWith the new Home tab also rolling out in the Viva Insights app starting April 2021, you will be able to reflect on your feelings and stay on top of pending tasks during the workday. Additionally, the Home tab will make it seamless to send praise to your colleagues and take a breather.

New home tab coming to the Viva Insights app in Teams.png

With updates coming later this year, guided meditations from Headspace will be integrated into the virtual commute as well as the Home tab of the Viva Insights app to help you mindfully disconnect from work in the evening, relax your mind before a big meeting, or find focus before starting an important project.


Personalized, actionable insights in Outlook and MyAnalytics

The daily briefing email from Cortana, currently available in English and Spanish to help you start your day on track, will start rolling out next quarter to users with Exchange Online mailboxes in French, German, Portuguese, Italian. And updates including a new weekly card to help you seamlessly book time in the week ahead for catching up on emails, learning, or taking a break to recharge are now generally available in English and Spanish. Additional updates unveiled at Microsoft Ignite 2020 including an integration with Microsoft To Do and actionable reminders to improve meeting effectiveness are now rolling out in targeted release.

The Delay Delivery inline suggestion in Outlook helps you schedule email delivery at a time that aligns with working hours of the recipients in their respective time zones. With this feature currently available with Microsoft 365 E5 and in the process of rolling out with Microsoft 365 E1 and E3, people can work flexible schedules of their choosing without interrupting their colleagues after-hours. And with updates rolling out in the coming weeks with Microsoft 365 E5, people can configure settings via the MyAnalytics dashboard, opting in to receive more frequent delay delivery inline suggestions.

Delay delivery config setting.png

Meetings, emails, and chats are necessary to get work done, but they often leave us with little time during the workday for uninterrupted individual work. The focus plan in MyAnalytics helps you block regular time for your top-priority work by scheduling up to four hours every day to focus. To give you more control over how your focus time is booked, we are now introducing the ability to configure your focus plan settings via the MyAnalytics dashboard. The new settings will enable you to select the number of hours per day you would like to reserve for uninterrupted work, indicate your preference of time of day for focus time, and enable you to tailor your Teams’ notifications by either selecting to mute Teams notifications to reduce distractions or allow chat notifications.   

Focus plan config setting.png

Learn more

Explore key personal productivity and wellbeing experiences that are part of Microsoft Viva

  • Pin the Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams, which started rolling out on February 4th and will be available directly in the Teams left navigation app bar under “…” starting March 8th  
  • Check out the daily briefing from Cortana, which is currently available in English and Spanish and coming next in in French, German, Portuguese, Italian to help you start your day on track
  • Get started with MyAnalytics, which will update over time to reflect the Microsoft Viva brand

And watch our Microsoft Ignite on-demand session by Kamal Janardhan discover how you can empower, people, teams, and organizations to improve productivity and wellbeing through data-driven, insights and actionable recommendations with Microsoft Viva Insights: Microsoft Viva Insights: Create a culture where people and business thrive. 

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