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Oct 26 2023, 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM (PDT)
Published on Sep 27 2023 07:11 AM (PDT) by Brittany Harper Microsoft
Edited on Sep 27 2023 07:12 AM (PDT)

The goal-setting and management process is the foundation for organizational and individual accomplishment—but only 39 percent of employees understand their organization’s goals (2023 Forrester State of Goal-Setting Report). Goals are created to define and recognize success, but they are only useful when you document them clearly and refer to them regularly.  


Your employees work in distributed, remote, and global environments. Having a single source of truth for goals that integrate with the tools they are already using and keeps organizational, team, and individual goals top-of-mind has never been more critical. Viva Goals can help with that.  

Join us for an immersive view of Microsoft Viva Goals and learn how you can take advantage of next-gen AI features to enhance productivity and increase clarity around goals in your organization.


We’ll also explore:  

-The latest trends in goal-setting and goal management from the Forrester 2023 State of Goal-Setting Report  

-The number one thing you can deliver to increase employee satisfaction, motivation, and achievement  

-Innovations coming to Viva Goals  

-Deploying objectives and key results and Viva Goals effectively in an organization—what it takes and key benefits  

-How Viva Goals can help your organization, from strategy to execution with a live in-session demo 


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