Announcing Copilot in Viva Engage
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Last week, Satya Nadella and Jared Spataro unveiled a new vision for how next-generation AI will offer an entirely new way of working with your Microsoft 365 apps and data, reinventing productivity for everyone. Included in this announcement is Copilot in Viva Engage that will help inspire and aid leaders to connect with their employees more effectively through assistive prompts, inclusive communications, and valuable insights – well suited for sharing news, celebrating milestones, and helping build dialogue with employees around important topics.

Copilot in Viva Engage

Copilot suggests a set of topics to post about, pulled from trending content, organizational campaigns, and data-driven best practices.



Generate a post


Select a campaign or topic and Copilot offers a summary of sentiment on that topic, including prompts to help jumpstart communications by providing a first draft to edit. Using these prompts, you can drill into what other leaders or employees are talking about, add specific details to complete your posts, and even choose the tone of your message before personalizing with your own voice.


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Copilot prompts are unique based upon department, sentiment, and insights

Copilot then quickly creates a draft post using your selected styles to drive engagement – even adding relevant attachments automatically. You can then revise your message as needed before publishing.

Anticipate replies and add responses

Copilot also helps predict potential questions readers may have about the post, and can help the author answer those questions before they are even asked.


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As comments and reactions start to roll in, Copilot suggests replies so you can stay engaged in the activity, and refine the copy and make additions. The AI also offers a deeper understanding of employee feedback by wrapping up the responses and engagement into analytics including engagement, trending topics, reach, and sentiment. Copilot includes safeguards to protect against inappropriate language and information leaks, and only generates content based upon information the user already had access to.


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Answers in Viva

Copilot is also coming to Answers in Viva to accelerate how people find knowledge and resources. When an employee asks a question, Copilot can help suggest additional details to improve the clarity of the question.


Answers 1.png


Copilot can also help people provide answers to questions by recommending existing resources and potential answers.


Answers 2.png

Pre-drafted content makes replying faster and easier


Curating knowledge for easy consumption

For questions that have many answers or replies, Copilot will create a summary of the best answer, as well as an overview of all of the contributions.


Answers 3.png

Copilot in Answers provides a TL;DR of the responses for easy readability

Copilot also automatically aggregate information about each knowledge area into a curated view complete with copy, FAQs, and resources so people can dive deeper into the topics they are curious about.


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Information and resources are compiled into easy-to-digest Topic pages.

In the coming months, we will start previewing Copilot in Viva Engage to customers and share more about bringing the power of next-generation AI to more of Microsoft Viva. As we build and learn, some of the experiences and capabilities unveiled today will evolve as we develop these features. Learn more about how Viva empowers the employee experience, see how to get Viva, and explore how Viva Engage enables leaders to have meaningful interactions with employees.


Stay tuned for future updates and be sure to check out our Microsoft Viva Summit on April 20th!


-Jason Mayans

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