Embed 'registration form' of a Teams Webinar in an iFrame: slow loading.

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I'm trying to embed a Teams Webinar Registration-form on our company-website. It's a 'for everyone' registration form, so no MS-account needed to register. I'm trying this through a simple iFrame, with as the source url the registration-link as provided in the Teams-meeting (webinar-type).


But it is loading very slow (takes ages/keeps hanging?) and sometimes it looks as if it is trying to open a pop-up which is getting blocked by default by most browsers.


Any suggestion or alternative methods to embed these kind of registration-forms from MSTeams?

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Hello, I guess the registration form loads quickly for you outside the iFrame right? Did you have the chance to use the developer tools to understand where is it hanging?

@Andres Gorzelany yes, outside the iFrame it works perfectly. You maybe have a link to that 'developer tool' you're referring to?

I was referring to the Browser's developer tools usually opened by "F12"
Ok, haven't tried to search for what the problem is/was, just used the direct link to the registration form as it is desciptive enough to be a site-page on its own. If anybody in the future fith a sollution for the iFrame-issue, we now have a thread to post it under :D