The new Outlook for Mac - Under the Hood

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Come learn about the internals of the new Outlook for Mac and some best practices on how to deploy it within your organization. We will go over all nuts and bolts such as how the Microsoft sync technology works, various account types we support, authentication models, deployment configurations that you can deploy that best suit your needs and much more.
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@Jeffrey KalvassI appreciate the video presentation "The new Outlook for Mac - Under the Hood". Currently I use the setting "Reading Pane - Below". All of the examples of the new Outlook that I have seen show Reading Pane - Right.   If "Below" is unavailable in the new Outlook it will be a deal-breaker for me. I could try it and see, since the toggle for the new version is now available. However, no presentation I have seen so far asserts, positively, that one can toggle back and forth with no loss of anything at all. (It's implied, perhaps, but that's not good enough for me.) In particular, I have a large volume of emails saved "On My Computer". This essential feature is evidently not available yet either. I cannot afford to lose them.


@DMacQ Thanks for your time and feedback on the session. The new Outlook for Mac does support Reading Pane below the Message List, as well as Reading Pane hidden. You are correct that most (if not all) demos show Reading Pane set to right.


The design of the toggle is provide quick access between experiences. They are separate sets of accounts, databases, and user experiences. There is no data loss when switching, however some account types and features are not supported yet in the new Outlook. Local "On My Computer" folders is a good example: they are not supported in the new Outlook, so they will not be visible. When switching back to the default experience, the folders will remain in-place. 

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