How to Author Dynamic Intranet Pages and News: Tips and Tricks from The Product Team
Published Sep 21 2020 07:44 PM 13K Views

Learn all the hidden features and best practices for authoring dynamic pages and news that power your modern intranet

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@MelissaBathum Hi, the accordion feature is amazing and exactly what I was looking for using for a customer project. Well, just tried to test it but can`t find the settings in the right bar neither in a team website nor in a communication site. Could you give me a hint what to set up being able to add this content feature to a page?! Thx a lot =)




@Chribech This feature isn't yet out in targeted release (or production). We're actively working on it now. We plan to have this out to TR this quarter.

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@MelissaBathum Thanks for the video!  Will all these features be available in the GCC Government cloud, and if so when would that be?




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Any update on the release date for the section/tab option please?


An other question: Is there any way to prevent that any image (section with image) on the SP page is openend in a lightbox?

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Haven't seen any updates on the Tab section feature. Is this still coming or has it been dropped?

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