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Microsoft Planner gives teams an intuitive, collaborative, and visual task management experience for getting work done. Whether you’re new to Planner or consider yourself an expert, learn how to use Planner and find out more about recent new enhancements. We’ll also share the latest Planner integrations with Microsoft 365 applications, including the new Tasks app in Microsoft Teams.

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I would like to see Planner/tasks get more integrated into the meetings aspect of Teams. Ideally, in a meeting agenda (which should be a Onenote instead of wiki notes) tied to the meeting (meeting tab, like current chat and files) you could assign tasks with the full functionality of Planner.

That would be great!

@Jon Fegel Thanks for your feedback -- we think that's a great integration scenario as well! 

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OneNote is used for meeting minutes. What i feel missing is able to generate todo or tasks from onenote, so that we can track them.
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@MelissaBathum Thank you for this useful video!

Tasks in onenote sync/create would be most welcome!


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@MelissaBathum When can we expect 25 labels to be available to use?


@Par Linderoth We're targeting to launch before the end of the year -- we will be updating the public roadmap accordingly (Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365)

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@MelissaBathum Thank you for that awesome presentation! Having Tasks linked to Planner is a game-changer! I love this new ToDo/Task oriented approach to work.

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Some enhancements are nice, but UI wise, I would wish for some other enhancements, than the possibility of having a Plan background image :) Here goes:

- Task name should be more accented - it is a bit difficult to visually distinguish from the checklist

- Please let us use all things together - check lists, document preview, task description - why are those mutually exclusive?

- Please don't remove checked-out cheklist items from the card / board view - it looks like team is not working. Let the items be there, just check them thru, as on the task card detail view.


I have compiled many notes towards the task management in MS ecosystem -

Best regards,


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First of all, thanks for a great update and I am looking forward to the new release.

It is great to see that the long awaited wish to have more than 6 labels is finally implemented.


I can see that the 25 labels are listed in the filter view but they are still not available to use and edit.

Can you please confirm if the 25 labels are already deployed to be in use ?


If it is not deployed, then why I am able to see the full list of 25 labels in the filter. And if I am able to see that in filter, why it is not available to edit ?


I would highly appreciate if we can get an update on this much appreciate and awaited feature.


I am attaching a screen shot of the labels that are available to filter but not able to use on the task cards.

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@MelissaBathum my team uses Planner extensively to track and manage our work, and it has truly brought order to chaos. The one thing that feels like it is missing though is a way to track level of effort against team capacity in a way that I can easily view and share with my peers and business leaders. I would love to see an hours estimation field that evenly splits the hours estimate across the working days (maybe have a check box that allows you to split them across calendar days if desired) between the start date and target completion date. Eventually, it would be nice to be able to assign each person in the plan with a weekly hours capacity so you could have a chart showing green, yellow, red capacity status, but for now, simply having a total number of hours of estimated to be completed in a week would be a tremendous help.

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