UPC - Installation on Intel ComputeStick

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Hello all,

I am trying to get the Universal Print Connector installed on an Intel Compute Stick, and am running into an issue that I can't seem to get beyond.


I've upgraded the OS from Windows 10 Home to Win10 Enterprise, updated to latest Version (2004, build 19041.388) but when trying to install the latest version of Universal Print Connector (1.4.7510.35620), the installation fails. The application event log only has a few entries, all informational, with the only one mentioning a code of "Installation Success or error status: 1633".


I've tried searching for that, but have not come up with anything that seems to work.


Any suggestions? Are there previous versions of the UPC that I can download/try?

Any work around?


Other information-

Installation attempted with an account that has the license and is a Global Admin

Local admin rights are there for the SVS account and the user account

Azure AD Joined the Compute Stick



At the end of the day, I need to get this working at a remote site of one of our clients, where I do not have any control over their firewall or am able to install anything more than a laptop/desktop/printer.

I need to be able to remotely print Work Orders for local maintenance personnel to take off the printer (no on site access to the CMMS at the user level).


My thought was to install one of these Compute Sticks for far less cost than putting a laptop there that will only be used for access to the printer. If there is another way to accomplish this - I'm all ears as well.


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I think you are the first person out there to try to install the connector on a Compute Stick. Thank you for trailblazing!

The 1633 is an installer error defined here as "ERROR_INSTALL_PLATFORM_UNSUPPORTED". Since the connector is built for 64-bit Windows, I assume the Compute Stick is running 32-bit Windows. Is that the case?

@Rani_AbdellatifI like being in front, what can I say? :D


I think you're right - I wasn't thinking about that being an issue, as I for some reason assumed that when I upgraded to Win10 Enterprise I would have been given that option/made that choice/etc. I didn't consider it being an issue at all.


I'm currently making a recovery disk which I hope will allow me to change the architecture - the chip is x64 so I have that going for me.


I appreciate the feedback - But I have a feeling this is the issue as I've checked all the other requirements boxes.


I'll report back when I know more!



Please do let us know how it goes with 64-bit Windows. This is a vey interesting use case! I'm sure many people will benefit from the work you're doing. Thank you!