UP-Printer does not show up in Windows UI


Windows 10 (19041.208), workplace-joined, does not show or allow for searching of Universal Printer printer.

The printer is successfully registered and shared. The user owns a UP license.

The options Search for printers in my organization or Search Universal Print for printers do not show up.



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@Thomas Stensitzki is this missing?

Annotation 2020-04-28 134914.pngIn our tests we've seen that the button is related to the Universal Printing license for the user.

@Phillipp Clausing 

Yes, this option is missing.

The user does have a Universal Print license assigned. I will remove and re-assign the license.


Are there any known issues, if the user assigning the license is a Global Administrator, but not a dedicated Universal Print Administrator?

Hi Thomas,

we haven't test it with Workplace joined devices. Only with AAD only joined devices.

@Phillipp Clausing 

Ok. But technically a "workplace join" with Intune should be fine, as it is Azure AD joined. The device is not joined to an on-premises AD. I will check the configuration using a different Windows 10 device.


@Thomas StensitzkiProbably your printer are not compliant with Universal Print. Have you check it ?

@Thomas Stensitzki can you ensure all the pre-reqs mentioned in this doc have been met?

  • The Universal Print printer has been shared.
  • The user has been added to the permissions of Universal Print printer that is to be added on the device.
  • The user has been assigned the license to use Universal Print. For more information about assigning licenses, see Assign or remove licenses in the Azure Active Directory portal.
  • The user's device is workplace joined (to Azure AD).
  • The user's device is connected to internet.

In addition to this, can you confirm if the device was ever configured for HCP? If yes, then follow the thread here:





@Thomas Stensitzki If the option is missing, then the license is not being applied to the user whose account is being used for the Work Place Account. The second thing to check is whether or not the user was setup to use Hybrid Cloud Print. Check to see if this registry key exists:


If it does, delete the key and reboot. 

If it is still failing, gather a Fiddler trace and check to see if there are any failures getting to This is the address where the license is retrieved. 

@Philip_Demaree This is a user-related issue. When using a different Windows 10 Deployment (1903) and different user, Azure AD joined device, with a UP license applied, it works like a charm in minutes.


The registry key does not exist



The user in question has a number of licenses applied. Is there a limit?


The user is licensed for universal print.
Get-MsolUser | Where-Object {($_.licenses).AccountSkuId -match "UNIVERSAL_PRINT"}


When does W10 try to fetch the license? Using Fiddler is quite a tedious task when fetching mostly any traffic.







@Saurabh_Bansal The device works fine for another user in the same org, even with an older build of Windows 10 (1903).

The system having the issue is build Windows 10 Ent 2004.

I'll try to gather Fiddler data if Windows 10 connects to the UP licensing endpoint. 


Are there any known issues, when the user is MFA enabled??



@Thomas Stensitzki run dsregcmd /status /verbose /debug from an elevated command prompt on the client and check for these settings. If AzureAdPrt is no then check for WorkplaceJoined. If both are no then no license is being applied. The Fiddler trace would show us more data. If you get to that point, open a Azure support case and specify Universal Print and we can look into this further. 


| Device State                                                         |



             AzureAdJoined : YES

          EnterpriseJoined : NO

              DomainJoined : YES (no?)

                DomainName : xxxxxx



| SSO State                                                            |



                AzureAdPrt : YES



| User State                                                           |



                    NgcSet : NO

           WorkplaceJoined : YES


Both are enabled.

| User State |
WorkplaceJoined : YES

| SSO State |
AzureAdPrt : YES

Would like to open a support case. But opening an Azure Support Case for Universal Print ist not covered in the tenant subscription.

best response confirmed by Saurabh_Bansal (Microsoft)


There is something with the information returned by dsregcmd /status /verbose /debug


The Tenant Details information is correct.

The Work Account section shows the wrong WorkplaceTenantName.

The executing account name is correct.


The device itself and the only account used for login are from the same tenant. There was a second work account added to the Windows 10 accounts list due to a second Outlook mailbox which originates from a different tenant. That account was listed as "Work account 1". After removing that account. My primary account does not show as "work account", but as "Connected with Tenantname, using UPN-Address".


After cleaning up the accounts issue, universal print and the configured printer is available. 




@Saurabh_Bansal So, when a device is Azure AD Joined, not AAD Registered, then a normal user (no admin) cannot use Universal Print? I did some testing: a test user was able to print (had the license etc.), but the printer gives an error in the printer queue. On the same testingmachine, I logged in as Azure AD domain admin, and had no problems with printing with UP.

@Harry Dubois I sent you a PM with the steps to work around this issue. If you are still unable to print, open an Azure support case for Universal Print and we can look into your issue further.