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As I see it, we have to set UP connectors on all our print servers, is that correct?

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@flemmingstrand For existing printers you will need to install and use the UP Connector as a bridge between the cloud service and the printer.  In many instances, you are correct that installing the UP Connector on the print servers is the simplest or convenient way to get started.  Please note that the "print server role" is not required by Universal Print and not used by the UP Connector.


Microsoft is working with various partners to remove the need for installing this UP Connector software.

@Jimmy_Wu, so for now a connector is needed beyond setting up UP and adding the printers?

@Jeffrey Allen Correct, the Connector software is the bridge between the physical printer and Universal Print cloud service.  If the Connector software (the NT service, not the UI) is not running, then print jobs will not be retrieved from the cloud service and sent to the physical printer.

@Jimmy_Wu, thanks for that but I hope that Microsoft can find away around that as it contradicts having a cloud print server.  I'm working with a serverless office and having to have a dedicated device whether a server or a desktop to be the connector goes against what we are looking for.

@Jeffrey Allen Agreed.  As mentioned in my original reply to this discussion thread, Microsoft is working with partners to remove the need for the Universal Print Connector software.

Thanks for your patience as we work to make Universal Print even better :)