Universal Print Printer Provisioning

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I'm having an issue where the printers.csv is getting put into %appdata%\Roaming\UniveralPrintProvisioning\Configuration instead of %appdata%\UniveralPrintProvisioning\Configuration which is were it should be according to documentation.   This was working when I first set it up but now it seems to have changed on me even though I didn't change anything in intune.  Any ideas?

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I believe the confusion may be around what the OS sets as the value for the %AppData% environment variable.


As you've stated, the documentation says the .csv file will be put into


folder.  On my machine the value for %AppData% is

C:\>echo %appdata%


The "Roaming" sub-folder of the "AppData" folder is part of the %AppData% environment variable value.  Hope that clarifies things.


Separately, are you having problems with the provisioning tool?