Universal Print licensing and Print Jobs

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We have set this up for a few tenants now while the Universal Print was still in Trial. We now have noticed that the Universal Print is no longer being offered as a Trial and users must be licensed. Most our users have the Business Premium license which I understand has the needed license. My question however is reading the license information the below was discovered. 




If I am reading this correct a user can only do 5 print jobs per month? I have users with 10 print jobs in 1 day. Microsoft surely is not limiting this Cloud print service this bad are they? 




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I'm also trying to figure out how much this would cost. 5 print jobs a month is basically irrelevant.

How to calculate the cost for UP ?

@sebastienricher and @ckilbourn 


To calculate the cost, I would start with multiplying the number of Universal Print licenses in the tenant x5.

This yields the number of print jobs that are included in my license and are available to licensed users in my tenant.

For example, if I have 200 licensed users, that's 1000 print jobs for the tenant per month.

If users in my tenant print more than a 1000 prints per month (let's say they print 2000 prints total), then I need to buy 2 add-ons per month (each add-on contains 500 prints). These add-ons are $25 each.


So the total cost for 2000 prints per month is $50 per month for my tenant.

More information is at the pricing documentation.

Hi @rani,

Ahh ok your example helps me with the calculations !

If I have an application that I want to send around 8k documents to print (they will be mailed), this is likely going to represent 25$ * 16 = 400$.

I'm thinking I'll go with 3rd party then for my use case, Example PrintNode would be around 15$.

Very helpful, thanks for the help !