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Hi everyone.


Since last week we are participating on the private preview and what we have seen so far seems to be quite nice. We were already able to create and print jobs though the cloud using the connector tool. 


However, we are currently using a cloud print solution in our office and we would like to enable this solution to pick up jobs from the cloud. We have already seen that there are API endpoints for these solutions, but we were wondering if there are other ways to be informed about new jobs. Like a message queue or the possibility to notify an endpoint provided by our cloud print partner. 


Thanks in advance


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Thank you!

Please add the feature request to enable integration with other cloud print solutions at

Please let us know what scenarios/features of the cloud print solution are important to you so we could understand the best way to enable those. Also, let us know what cloud print solution you are using, or ask the solution provider to get in touch us.