How to script client-side Add-Printer via powershell, or other?


So I know I can use:


- Manual install or

- Intune based install / service


to perform the +ADD for universal cloud print device.


What would the client side syntax be? (in any language.. Powershell, VB, C#, C++... etc?

I'll take anything...)


Perhaps I can take as input either the GUID (as shared) or NAME or something.


But Powershell add-printer doesn't seem to have what I need yet.


Anyway.. the goal / my question is how to automate the clicks from THIS to THIS (one screenshot) and pass in a value to get it mounted. Thanks.



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@Jeremy Moskowitz good feature request.  If you haven't yet, please go to Universal Print Feature Requests - Microsoft Tech Community and add your feature request to the list.