Firewall blocking?

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Is there a firewall rule needed in order for the Print Connector to reach Azure? In the troubleshooting steps, it mentions installing Fiddler and packet capture - but does not go into detail about what is needed from there?


I have a machine that works when on a personal, private network, but once connected to a network behind a firewall - all print jobs end in a status of "Aborted" with little information in the Event Viewer to assist.


Any assistance is welcomed!

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@RyanGilreath1385, if the firewall is configured to limit outbound traffic to specific Internet endpoints, then the firewall configuration will need to be updated to allow the outbound Internet traffic from the Connector machine to the Universal Print endpoints.


Using the same machine behind the firewall, are you able to use a browser and connect to





I am able to get to with no issues on the machine behind the firewall. I am also able to add the printer via the Universal Printer Connector, and it's status is "ready" in the management portal.


I can install the printer from the "cloud" on another machine (both on the network behind the firewall as well as a different machine) as well.


When printing via the local USB connected PC with the connector service running - test prints are fine.
When printing from a remote PC via the UPC installed printer, the print job is sent to the portal and then I get the status of "aborted".


I wasn't sure if there was another service that might be being blocked?

I didn't see anything in the Fiddler log that would show a 403 or similar.


One other step I took was to disconnect the PC with the connector installed and connected to my hotspot on my phone - with no firewall/restrictions - and tried to print again with the same "aborted" result.


There is another site, which I believe is behind the same firewall settings, that works fine. I am beginning to think it's an issue with this specific printer or driver perhaps?

@RyanGilreath1385, I agree with your assessment that it doesn't look like a firewall issue as the Connector software was able to successfully connect to the Universal Print cloud service to register the printer and to send up the printer's capabilities, such that your client machine can successfully discover and install the printer.  Please open a support case so they can better assist in identifying the issues.


I don't know if you already resolved this issue. If not, please take a look at the troubleshooting guide here: