Error when applying Promo Code to Office365 Subscription.

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I was able to get to the Resources page with the Promo Code. Then I click the link to apply the Promo Code to Office365 Subscription I receive an error.



The service you’re subscribing to isn’t available for one of the following reasons:

  • It’s no longer offered by Microsoft.
  • You’ve already tried this service. You can sign up for a trial only once.
  • The beta or trial you’re requesting has expired.
  • The promotion code has already been used.

For more information, contact the Microsoft partner or Microsoft sales agent that gave you the link to this offer.


Please let me know where I go from here, thank you.

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@rforaker are you logged in as the global admin of the Azure AD tenant while applying the promo code? If not, please sign-in as global admin and then try to apply the code.


If you continue to have the issue, please reach out to Support via Azure Support portal.