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Dear All,


Sorry, not sure if this is the right group for it, but I just have a question about how to Add a printer to the Azure Universal Printing service? The printer supports the Direct printing, so theoretically no connector is needed. This is now the first printer that we have to register to the cloud.

Printer: HP Color LaserJet FlowMFP M776


We have already checked the Admin setup page and enabled the HP Workpath. (When we tried it first, it was asking for an additional 2GB memory, that we already have installed to the printer)

So actually now we do not see how to go forward with it. On the Printer menu, there is nothing like Workpath App available. Whenever we try to load the HP Commandcenter on the printer it just starts loading then exits without any message.


Has anyone experienced this already? Maybe we are just missing something, or overlooking it...

(Already tried to get an answer on two different HP Forums(for a few weeks now...), but nobody has replied yet.)


Could you please help us with some online guide, or any advice how to make this configured with the cloud?


Thanks in Advance,


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@zolkin83 - as far as I understand HP Workpath app for Universal Print needs to be added by one of the HP dealers. Its an app available via Command Center. You may find more information here - 

Apps Catalog (Universal Print)

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