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May 31 2023, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Close to having this perfect for us!

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We have done an amazing job deploying our one print queue to all of our Azure-Intune joined devices. I have one issue that I need help with. We have one print queue (managed via PaperCut). We pushed this out via the connector. All went well. The one remaining issue... users can't see the full taps for printer properties.  On prem, no issue. Univeral Print, doesn't show. Same driver, same queue, same everything. I attached two screenshots. What do you guys think?! It's probably something stupid... i'm up to hear it! 

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@Dave_T2240 great to know you have come this far on your own!


Printer properties that are shown in client's printer dialog depends on the printer driver you are using on Connector. What driver is the PaperCut print queue associated to on the Connector?


Printer can define attributes either as standard attributes as per Windows PrintSchema or custom attributes. We try our best to map the standard attributes to Universal Print printer attributes on print users' devices.


We are working to publish more information on how to determine what print options will be supported for a given driver.