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If we implement Universal Printing by assigning corp based printers to our Azure Ad/Intune managed laptops, will we:

1. Be able to use local printers when people are working from home?

2. Be able to restrict printing color jobs and force all/most to B&W print?

3. Be able to use all paper sizes the printer supports??


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Hi @jcorbin121 ,

I found this article.

Sooo. First: I would say it depends on the printer at home, but I would say without knowing it exacly, yes. Depending on you GPO config I guess.
Second: Nah don't think so.
Third: Why shouldn't you?

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@jcorbin121 As @Schnittlauch mentioned:

  1. Local printers will still work after enabling Universal Print and configuring printers using MEM. You can select from both local and UP printers when installing one.
  2. We do not support configuring policies at this time, but we've heard lots of feedback that it's a very important feature. We're working on it!
  3. You should be able to use all supported page sizes. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.