Universal Print compatibility with existing Hybrid Cloud Print deployment

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I've worked my way through the Universal Print setup and was able to successfully register and share printers.  However, I am unable to see printers deployed via my Universal Print deployment when logged in under my demo/test user account when I click "Search for printers in my organization" in device settings on my Windows 10 client.  My user is licensed for Universal Print and I'm running Win10 v1909.  This demo user account only has printers available that are shared via my Hybrid Cloud Print deployment.


I'm wondering if this is due to this particular user account having the Intune MDM policies assigned for my Hybrid Cloud Print deployment.  I will do more testing with other user accounts to troubleshoot, but I'm wondering if anyone can clarify if there are compatibility issues with a dual Hybrid Cloud Print and Universal Print deployment.


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A quick follow up -- I was successfully able to search for, install, and print to printers deployed via Universal Print by using a completely different user account that did NOT have Intune Hybrid Cloud Print settings applied.


So now that I've proven my Universal Print deployment is successfully functioning to my test group of users, the remaining question for me is if UP and HCP deployments are able to co-exist for a single user.


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@vogejames I had the same issues and logged a Microsoft support ticket.

Is seems that Hybrid Cloud Print is causing issues with Universal Print.

Specifically the following reg key on the client PC which was deployed via Intune.




If you delete that key then it should start working. At least it did for me.

You of course will need to adjust Intune so that it does not update the reg key again.


Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info on this, I can confirm that after deleting the registry key, my Universal Print printers became visible.


However I would like to add: 


Even with the key deleted, when I added a printer in Universal Print with the same name as an existing one in Hybrid Cloud Print, the Universal print printers were not visible anymore on my laptop.. I could only see the Hybrid Cloud ones again


I unregistered the printer, renamed it on my print server, registered again and Universal Print printers could be added again.


EDIT: seems the key was written again by intune policies :facepalm: my bad