MD-102 Courseware Communications





May 25th, 2023


MD-102 Course Release Status


The release date of May 12th communicated and shown in the Monthly Title Plan for MD-102, will be changed to TBD. Unfortunately, we are seeing issues that are preventing the quality learning experience that we strive to achieve for our Learners, Partners and Trainer.


Please do not schedule or deliver this course to your Learners, until we share an official date for release.


We will follow up with the next steps soon and keep you aware of any updates/information we receive.  


We apologize for the inconvenience.


-Microsoft Learn ILT Product Management Team

2 Replies
Can you confirm that this will change the retirement dates for MD-100 and MD-101?



Hello —


Currently I can confirm that this will NOT change the retirement dates of both courses. If I hear differently, I will absolutely share and put communication out. 

We will also be sharing any changes to courseware on next weeks community call. 

Thank you!