Windows 98 Third Edition

Windows 98 Third Edition



 Jun 02 2021
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Hi Microsoft Team!

You should make a new operating system called: "Windows 98 Third Edition".

Windows 98 looked good and was easy to use, but since there are no updates for it anymore, it doesn't really work anymore. Windows 98 Third Edition (TE) would look and act the same as Windows 98 Second Edition (SE), but it would get security updates, bug fixes, compatibility updates so that new computers and screens work with it and new software works on it.

It could also have some new features, themes, backgrounds and so on. One of the features could be search bar in start menu, and aero theme could be one of the new themes.

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I apologize what does this have to do with the MTC Community space?
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@A1 I'm sorry i didn't know where to post this. Where can i share my idea then?

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If this applies to Windows, please start a Discussion in the Windows MTC Community

If rename "Windows 98 Third Edition" as Windows 10 what this changes? Or that's pricing/support of legacy hardware issue? All new features are in Windows 10.

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@MikeA_123 Thank you for your feedback, as others have noted this is not appropriate for the Microsoft Tech Community Ideas board.


That said, if your idea gets picked up by the windows team maybe you could ask for it on floppy disk? Please insert disk 64 of 321...