The rating (best answer) by the author of the post should be marked after 7 days ( Waiting for the b

The rating (best answer) by the author of the post should be marked after 7 days ( Waiting for the b



 Aug 22 2023
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Or alternatively, after 7 days the label should be visible ->[ Still the author has not marked Best Answer,] this should definitely organize and improve the understanding of topics in MTC.

Do you think that's a good idea? 

After 7 days (MTC insider group) would have the right to mark the post with the best response.

You can also add the -> achievement You have correctly marked ( best answer ) as a badge!

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Or is it better to give up labeling the best answer altogether? 

Of course, thank you very much for supporting my idea :)

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I preferred to kept all answer of each questions and finally last is the best or the highest bidder is the best answer

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Well, if the author of the post writes that the answers - they don't work and there is no solution now, then he is still waiting for helpful information, but no feedback from the author, if the answer was helpful, then the other user is confused and wastes time looking for another answer - > that has been correctly tagged by the author.

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Propose the discussion system should be changed to include 2 new functions :

- mark as answer

- sort by likes

This seems best of both worlds and gives reader more scope to browse similar ranked responses etc


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@jcridge4691  Hi,

Thank you very much, but these options are already in MTC:





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@A1-A1 That's interesting. Neither seem to appear to be available either on my android phone or my PC display. Must be doing something daft

Can you share a pic please ?

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I've marked where the arrow is to expand the filter in each post, this is perhaps it's too small an arrow label


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Sorry - filters don't exist for ideas in MTC

so there are exceptions :)

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@A1-A1 When I look at my PC screen I don't see the same controls as you have.

Again, must be something daft or teething troubles here.

What system are you using please ?

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 Now this is a bigger snippet, I hope this helps.



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@A1-A1   crossed wires.


I think I see what's going on, you are I believe showing the interface which works across ALL idea posts or similar.

I was making a suggestion for functions to allow sorting / ranking of answers within a single idea post.

Surely this is also useful and necessary ?






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"I was making a suggestion for functions to allow sorting / ranking of answers within a single idea post."

Do a great job of submitting a new idea so that it can be implemented and voted on :)

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I think it adds a level of urgency/promptness. I've had posts sit untouched for months before, so making it clear there is no best answer could be something we even search for intentionally to tie up loose ends.

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"I think it adds a level of urgency/promptness"

Yes, that's a good argument that I agree with.

Thank you for your constructive feedback :)

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I am deeply confused @A1-A1 is this the same as the other idea you submitted? If I take the title of the idea at face value, I am not sure how you would ever force the author to accept a solution.

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But the idea has a broader context, adding information that the author still hasn't marked the best information - it's an additional argument and motivation for the author of the post, and marking (without a solution) for it, please.

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just trying to earn my first comment badge, keep it moving, get back to work.

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Example: A month earlier, I asked a question to help another user, I only added a follow-up answer, which is not a solution:

How do I check or confirm that my company is a Microsoft Partner? - Microsoft Community Hub

Label is missing :{ no best answer to this question.}

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Re: Getting Install error - 0x80070002 while trying to update winodws - Microsoft Community Hub

This is another example where there is no marking (the best answer), so the reader may be confused!