Separating the Community Language Selector from the Tech Community Profile Language

Separating the Community Language Selector from the Tech Community Profile Language



 Apr 23 2019
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Hi there,


I noticed the new selection box here in the Tech Community, allowing me to translate the posts to a selected language. As it is machine translated, the translation is not always very accurate, but mostly understandable (I tried as target language German only) and therefore the feature is helpful and useful. Thanks for that. And I noticed, that my profile is becoming translated. It seems not to be 100 percent ready yet, as some parts are missing, but this is very good too. Thanks for that too!


However, I also noticed, that the selection box in the Tech Community Forums and the UI language for my profile are linked together. If I select German in my profile and the go to a forum, German is preselected and the posts translated. If I change the selection in the forum back to English, then my profile switches to English again. Therefore, I would like to suggest to separate these selections in 2 options. One for the profile and one for an automatic translation of the posts. This would allow to always have the profile and more UI components in a selected language and call a translation fo forum posts on need without affecting the UI language.


I have a question too: for German and for the already translated strings, most translations are good. But there are some errors. I guess, I can e.g. report that here, right? And will be the untranslated strings be translated too, so that I should wait until they are translated?




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Thank you for taking the time to submit your Idea to the Tech Community Ideas board.


Sorry it took so long to get back to you but we have had a few issues with Idea's recently which mixed up all the statuses.


I completely appreciate your suggestion and where it comes from, however, technically separating the two leads to other issues at this time. Specifically if you have your profile set to English but post in German your content will NOT be translated for other users. For the Language translation to work correctly it depends on the language selected by the user in their profile to be the language you then post in.


Now clearly this isn't ideal, for the very reasons you have outlined but until we have overcome this technical barrier these will remain connected.


Yes feel free to report translation errors here and we will look at them as quickly as we can.