Make Microsoft Tech Community ready as Microsoft Edge Web App

Make Microsoft Tech Community ready as Microsoft Edge Web App



 Oct 04 2020
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There is great feature in Microsoft Edge where you could install website as application, you could try it by going to ...->Apps->Install this site as an app. You practically could do this for all websites and it will work. However, you could make this website ready for it, by implementing its feature like Jump List or any other functionality where makes user experience better like having some offline browsing experience too.

It would be nice to work directly with Microsoft Edge team to make Microsoft Tech Community ready for that and it could be two direction collaboration where you could share feedback to make this feature better.

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Nice idea. The PWA website should be available on all browsers which support Progressive Web Applications.

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@Reza_Ameri-ArchivedThat's a great idea. How 'bout checking on this post, community managers?

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@TheShaunSaw so far this option is supported in Microsoft Edge and since this platform and Microsoft Edge are in same company (they could collaborate to implement it).

@Kam thank you, in case you like this idea, you may share it among community to get more vote.

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Thank you for submitting this, and I will be sure to inform our Technical leads of this idea. 

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Thank you @Dylan Snodgrass 

Let us know about the update.


I personally don't use jump lists and when I install MTC as a website in Edge, it's satisfied with the experience.