Ideas space in the Microsoft Edge Insider Community

Ideas space in the Microsoft Edge Insider Community



 Sep 16 2020
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I want to suggest an Ideas space inside the Microsoft Edge Insider Community where user can post an idea and others can upvote it. This will also give a good representation of the new suggestions for Microsoft Edge in the Microsoft Edge Insider Community. The Ideas space in Edge Insider Community will look the same as the Ideas space over here.


Microsoft Edge insider community

would use this to track user feedbacks easier. it'd help the users and developers.

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We will pass your feedback to the Microsoft Edge Insider Team.



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YES !!
I very much do agree with TS. One goes from here to there and everywhere but does not know where to submit an idea so it will get proper attention and not 'lost' somewhere in the bulk of other threads. I've also looked all over to find some kind of a sub forum where ideas can be submitted and/or discussed and get the attention they deserve.

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Yeah,  @TheShaunSaw.

Edge developers have their internal list of feedbacks received from users that use the Feedback button on Edge. that's the preferred way of sending suggestion.

they also share it with us through top feedbacks list.

whenever you see a new item added to the list, that means multiple people have asked for that.

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thanks @Kam as per @HotCakeX  message the Edge Insiders community have a different feedback mechanism and aside from that this ideas board is for changes to the Microsoft Tech Community. If you want to make sure your feedback gets addressed then I would recommend posting it in the Edge Insiders Community itself.


Thanks again

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@Allen Microsoft Edge team is considering to add this feature soon, take a look at A few updates from the Microsoft Edge team! - Microsoft Tech Community it mentioned "We’re also considering adding the "Ideas" section to our page, like what’s on the Community Lounge" .

It would have been wise to look into the idea from engineering perspective rather than close the idea based on personal opinion of some users. 

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Thanks and that’s great news, but the primary point was ideas in this area are for the Microsoft Tech community all up.