I'm bit confused with Upvote button (or icon?) here

I'm bit confused with Upvote button (or icon?) here



 Jan 04 2018
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Which looks like this


Perhaps not only me.

My other experience says if I click arrow Up that means I agree with the idea, support it and thus Upvote. If click once more I changed my mind and remove my vote.


If I click on arrow Down that means I disagree with the idea, better not to implement it and thus Downvote it. With such approach the idea could have negative number of votes, that means people don't like it to be implemented.


Here both arrows means the same, just Upvoting. Better to change the behaviour or, if TechComm team doesn't like to implement Downvoting for any reasons, change arrow down on something else which confuses the people less. Don't think that's a big job.

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@Sergei Baklan


Couldn't agree more but I wanted to get the new UI design out so we could start improving how we have been managing idea's within the community. I currently have an item we are working on which will make the upvote buttons more context based.




They will be disabled for your own idea's as you can not upvote your own idea.

If you have not upvoted an idea then the upvote button will be available but down vote would be disabled.

Once you have upvoted an idea the upvote button would become disabled and the down vote button would become enabled. 


Your essentially right with what you have said, the platform only supports "Likes" and so you can either like an idea or unlike an idea and so we can not change that core behavior. 


Does that make sense?

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We have just pushed out this update - Let us know if its any better for you. 

Allen, I'm in hospital with mobile only, will check after recovery. Thank you.

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@Sergei Baklan


Sorry to hear that sir, best wishes and hope you feel better soon from all of us at the Microsoft Tech Community Team

@Allen, thank you, i'm returning back step by step.


As for the update - works fine with me.

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