Create a unified profile system to use on Microsoft Answers, Tech community and Technet

Create a unified profile system to use on Microsoft Answers, Tech community and Technet



 Mar 13 2020
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There are Microsoft Technet forums, Answers and Tech Community



of course the TechNet's educating contents are moving to Microsoft Docs but the forums still exist.


Why not bring all these 3 sites under 1 unified roof?


I have 2 ideas:

1. merge these 3 websites into one place to find answers. if I have a question, I don't know where to post, TechNet, Answers or Tech community. maybe all 3 places? then keep track of 3 websites to see which one gets an answer first? that's not convenient at all.

2. merge the user profiles of these 3 websites so a user will create only one profile and then he/she will be able to use it on all 3 websites.



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I am going to leave this idea as new, I would love to bring the profiles of all of those - and many other Microsoft Site - into one mega profile. I think the advantage to users would be awesome both the users who's profile it is and the people looking for answers and experts.

As much as I love this idea, it's not currently planned so get it voted up and I will do all I can to keep advocating for profile merging. 


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@AllenThanks, well people only see these ideas and decide whether to upvote or not if they intentionally visit this part of the community.

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Changing to On Hold.


It is still something I would love to do but it will require buy in from other teams within Microsoft and so this maybe sitting here for a little while, while I continue to make the case internally. 

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I understand, thanks