Apply equal rules for MVP Community rankings.

Apply equal rules for MVP Community rankings.



 Sep 27 2023
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The purpose of such unification will be to encourage MVP Members to engage in the Community and will be a confirmation of activity in this Forum and appreciation of contributions to MTC. 

The Community Manager's valuable response was the basis for this idea for me:

Re: Change in my tagging from super contributor to Regular contributor - Page 2 - Microsoft Community Hub

Please vote for my idea :)

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I don't think we will ever use the same rules for MVPs because that would be unfair on the rest of the community, our MVPs are typically upto 10x more engaged than the average user. What we have given some consideration to is if we should make a rank structure with the MVPs but we haven't made a final determination on that yet.

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"our MVPs are typically upto 10x more engaged than the average user."


Yes, it is visible, but many MVPs are not active, to the same extent - the introduction of the classification will show this disproportion and will certainly mobilize MVP Members to even greater contributions to the Community (I do not see MVP blogs) and other activities that would help in answering difficult technical questions.

MVPs are not Microsoft employees, so participation in MTC should be on the same terms ( + additional rights ), but the ranking should apply equally to everyone

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Of course, the beginning of the classification - would be ->Gold Contributor for MVP


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After considering the merits of this idea, I think this is not something we would intend to impliment in its present form. We will be doing more work on the gameification stategy in 2024 but the way I would approach this is to give a rank structure within the MVP grouping maybe around length of time as an MVP or some other metric to recognize experience.


Thank you for the idea though, I don't disagree with the premise but just think there is a better execution we could do with it in the fututre.

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Thank you, my goal was to increase the activity of MVP Members – > technical knowledge that they have confirmed and represent is invaluable in this Forum :)