Additional Filters for Communities

Additional Filters for Communities



 Nov 20 2018
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It would be nice to have additional filters for Community groups now that there are 72 areas or topics aside from Products/Services & Solutions: 


* Create a separate filter for Services - Financial Services, Healthcare, etc. 

* Office apps - Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. 

* Office 365 - Teams, Office 365 groups, Analytics, etc. 

* Azure - Azure, Azure AD, etc. 

* Servers - Exchange, SQL Server, etc. 




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@Fred Y


I think your idea is perfectly valid, I do not think we are looking at addressing this quite the way you purpose but certainly as the community grows we need to help users find the content and communities they want to engage in. 


I will share more as soon as I can. 

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We are planning to review the structure of the community this year and will get back to you with any proposed updates. 

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Thanks for the update.


Great to hear so that we can focus on what is relevant to our areas of expertise.