Add more popular topics to the new homepage in MTC. for non-logged in users.

Add more popular topics to the new homepage in MTC. for non-logged in users.



 Oct 26 2022
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Hi everyone!

I see only 4 posts on the new site as popular, I will add that all the time for 2 Months are the same posts!

I think you should add a filter, or increase the number of posts presented by adding an arrow, or another label, so that a non-logged in user can see the latest posts!

Currently, the link (see all) leads to all Communities, it is worth improving to interest new users!

Currently there is too much information on the main page - it is worth talking about it.

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Yes, it's a great post, but it has a development and is still No.1 on the main page, further comments, it's either advertising other products, or just complaining - I wonder if it would not be appropriate, blocking comments?

Feedback please. 

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Thanks for the note and the suggestion! The Windows team is interested to continue to see feedback on this feature, so we won't be blocking comments at this time. 

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I understand Thank you!

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Great, we now have a new label and filter to sort the discussion, this is a good solution (the label is more visible)


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@A1 glad you like the new feed layout, back to your original idea though, we can't technically change how the popular posts component works, this is actually why we have removed it at the moment. Its basically 'popular' because of the number of likes it has received and it's not timeboxed. Thus the most popular discussions get to the top and rarely do they change.


So, if not technically possible today why have I changed this to 'On Hold' well later in 2023 we will begin to move the Microsoft Tech Community to new front end UI and along with that new front end ui will be new components and new APIs we might be able to leverage to make something like this. For now I am parking the idea and we will keep it in mind as we start to plan the new experience.

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Thank you for responding to all my ideas, but since I like Microsoft's tagging (Solutions), please explain how to report posts that don't have a Solution tag, but should be tagged.

This is a big problem because these posts are invisible (and would be helpful to others) and easy to find.

Please reply :)



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@A1 ,


We report to our product teams regularly on posts that are still awaiting replies, there is no 'flagging' of these posts available to users. We are still trying to get our 'Community insider' initative off the ground which may give the opportunity for a select group of key influencers an opportunity to flag discussions that are needing a reply but until then feel free to flag any pressing topics in the community discussion area.



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It looks like I'm going to write down another idea on this matter!

But a quick response on your part is Great!